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Intelligent Reverse Assistance

aiDARS™ 1r is an intelligent sensor fusion system that assists drivers with detecting obstacles and monitoring their surroundings while backing up a vehicle.

The system seamlessly combines data from up to three radar sensors and up to three HD Cameras to deliver an intuitive backup experience.

Active Radar Monitoring System

aiDARS™ 1x is an active monitoring system that fuses HD camera and radar technologies together to deliver 360° of vision and multiple object detection around a vehicle. The system uses intelligent sensor fusion to assist large vehicles in the transportation, industrial, construction, aviation and agricultural industries with several applications.

2D Intelligent Multiple Object Detection

SensOn™ 3x is an active radar monitoring system that uses 2D detection to measure the angle and proximity of multiple objects at once.

This ruggedized sensor system offers a collision warning solution for vehicles in the automotive, transportation, industrial, agricultural and construction industries.