Delta Mobile Systems Expanding Business to Government Markets

Delta Mobile Systems Expanding Business to Government Markets

August 31, 2018

ELGIN, IL – Smart sensor technology is rapidly growing, and with it the demand for multiple industry applications. Numerous markets are clamoring for blind spot assistance, collision warnings, advanced backup assistance applications and more.

That’s why today, Delta Mobile Systems is proud to announce that we’re expanding our business to include government markets.

“Our company has years of experience in the transportation industry,” says Boon Meksavan, CEO. “The sensor fusion market is growing, and we’re in a prime position to leverage our technology for government applications.”

As of this year, we’ve begun selling and marketing our new aiDARS™ 1x and SensOn™ 3x systems to government organizations.

aiDARS™ 1x is a 360° active monitoring system featuring HD cameras and smart radar sensors. SensOn™ 3x is a radar-only system that uses 2D detection to measure the proximity and position of multiple objects at once.

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